Human Rights

What are human rights they are rights that every one of us have as human beings.  Just like in domestic violence cases were the first step is to get you to safety then to educate you in domestic violence. Finding out what it is and how it works so you have a good understand of what is going on and then will know what to do and how to act. What is really happening to you. Education is key in giving you the information that you need to keep yourself safe. The same thing applies for human rights you need to be educated in what your rights are and how they apply to you in the situation that you are in. Once you know and understand what your human rights are then you can take steps to look after yourself in a good healthy way and to keep yourself safe. Often if it is against your human rights it will be unlawful and abusive to you. The more you know and understand about this the more power and ability you have to make a good decision. So if you are in a situation where you feel in your gut that something is not right. i would find out more information and find out what you legal rights and human rights are so that you know where you stand and what you should do. This is really the first step to empowering yourself. knowledge is key in improving your situation so you do better. Don’t just go with the flow and what every one else is doing. Get the information that you need speak to solicitors and organisations that operate in this area of huam rights speak to experts who know the truth.. There are also human rights for each country and for everyone in the world so find out about these too. The more you know the better off you will be and you will know if something is going on that is wrong and you can then speak up about it. Don’t just put up with it because every one else is. What might be happening could be very wrong and even illegal. So get educated so you can know what to do how to proceed with your next step. Get support from as many people as you can because people power is a lot of power. Don’t stay silent form groups and all work together and support each other helping each other through the situation. When groups of people come together and all work together big changes can occur for the good of everyone. No one benefits by staying silent and alone. If you don’t speak up you could lose all your rights and end up in a worse situation so speak up earily is the key here before things get really out of hand. Don’t stay quite if you think that something is wrong speak up and use your voice for powerful change that help everyone not just you.

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