When The System Does Not Listen To You

When the system does not listen to you it can be very hard to fight. You are angry you feel violated and sometimes alone.  You need to fight on until you get heard in a peaceful way. It is easy to lash out i know i understand how that feels because I too was violated after my terrible abuse by the system that was there to protect me. I was left to fight that too and every time I stood up to stand for me and my truth to get justice. I would be attacked and closed down left with no where to go and blamed as the problem. So I do understand how hard and heartbreaking this journey is. I too was fighting the police system after my terrible domestic violence. There are good police and their are bad police officers and when bad police officers do wrong good people need to stand up and speak up against it in a peaceful way until things change. Most police are kind and caring and want to make a dfference in the world their job is very hard and they put their life on the line every day for us to keep us safe.

I felt so violated by this that I wanted to run away to a island and never talk to another human being again. I lost all faith in human beings I felt that violated and valueless. I just wanted to die. I would be up every night crying for years on my own with no way to get peace. Also no one to support me and a child to look after. But using violence and looting and burning police station is not the answer. You need to stand strong, keep saying the truth until someone does listen because as I found it eventually some one will listen to your story and help you. I’ve even received sorry from several police who mishandled or knew about my case which is very healing to you. Then you can get justice, make changes for the good of all and make a bad situation into a very good situation. Lots of people are angry at what has happened but we can use this opportunity to make a difference and a chance for the better of the whole world. We all matter and should have the same rights.

So what if today we all supported and helped a person of another race did a kind act or helped them and showed them that they matter in the world. Because  doing it in this way is what will make a postive change for the world. We can all be a part of the change that needs to happen to say that we will not accept a dark persons death and that justice needs to be done to right the wrong and do it in a peaceful loving way that shows love to others. Violence in not the answer it does not work but love does.

Moral: Fight for what it right and do it in a peaceful loving way!

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