Who To Pick For A Healthy Relationship

After being in Domestic Violence and after receiving counselling, healing and educating yourself so you do better in your life and issues. Your vibration will be higher and your life will improve. It is then time to look for a new life partner or soul mate. Some people look for someone who has lots of money others look for someone who is very successful in their work or job. But for me i believe there are other things that are more important in your life. I am not saying that money is not important because it is, but it is not the most thing when you are looking for a partner to share your life with. 

What is the most important thing to me is to pick someone who has similar goals, morals and values that they live by and believe in. I also love those who are doing good in the world not just working for them and their world but seeing the bigger picture. Raising the vibration for good it’s also a higher game to play. Not operating from ego but for the better good of all people in the world your country and your community. To make a difference in the world to be able to help others in some way is very important to me. It is my goal and a part of my life plan to do this. I want to be someone who uses their gifts to make the world better in some way. it is what i believe is important to do. People like this make the world a better place and think about others and not just themselves. They lift others up in some way and put good into the world. When you find someone who does the same thing as you it means that you can work together on your goals and have fun doing it. You can also grow together as a couple. When two or more people work on a project it can make an even bigger impact in the world. When you work for the good of others good things will always come back to you. Another point is that it is better working as a team on a project and not alone. When you find someone who has similar goals to you it makes life more fun and better and enjoyable. It means that there is a common goal for you to both work towards. I like to fall in love with the persons soul what makes then tick, how do they think and what they believe.  What makes the person come alive, what is it that they want and need to do in their life. What matters more than anything else. What would they die doing. I have read a book about this it was called “how to connect” not sure who the author was but is, it was a great book that explained about this. Their color does not matter to me either it is the person and what they are that matters. These are the things that really matter to me.

I another thing that i believe is important for me is to continually work on improving yourself in some way. Either reading, watching podcasts or videos but continually growing and learning and doing better to fix any life issues, wounds that you have.  So, for me it is important to find someone who is doing the same and works on issues and learns grows all the time and has this as part of their normal life. Then when they see a problem, they do something action step to work on this. We all have issues that we could handle better. I know that i do and enjoy working on my triggers so that i can do better. I also love to learn about subjects that interest me so that I know more cause when you know more you always do better. There is more information coming out all the time so don’t ever give up as there is also something you can do to make things better in some way. No person is perfect We all have some flaws but as long as you are willing to work on this you will get there and get better. Love is always the answer with love there is always a solution to all problems.