Show Kindness At This Time

We have had a weekend we will not forget in a hurry and its not over yet. So remember to be kind to those that you meet in the next few days. Lots of people are hurting at this time they are scared, overwhelmed and frightened after seeing what they have seen or been through. Some people have lost everything others nearly lost everything and are lucky but traumatised. What ever the case it is time for everyone to come together and to all help each other out to look out for everyone. Be kind and supportive to those you know and meet over Christmas take care of yourself too.

Contact mental health or a call number if you need to talk to someone and you don’t want to or can’t talk to family or friends. Think about what is really important at this time and the basics, food, clothes. water, home. support, family. Christmas does not have to be perfect it can be good with the simple things in life and just being with friends and family or sometimes even strangers. This is really what is important not big presents not having the best and not being perfect. But just enjoying what you do have and thinking of others.

I had a christmas once when my son came home to me and I had very little food or money. We had ham sandwiches for our christmas lunch with a peach afterwards. But that was my best Christmas of all time because I got my son back in my arms and safe at home. Its times like this that you realise what does really matter in life so remember that. If you can have a big christmas with all the trimmings what about inviting someone that you know is not doing well so they can have a good christmas too. It will make you feel good too to help someone like that. Cos it is the true message of christmas showing kindness and helping others showing them love.

It is in the time of crisis that the best of human nature comes out and we see lots of people doing lots of beautiful kind things for others. I know I have seen it in the last few days with our emergency services and charities and members of the town that have been rushed off their feet keeping us and our beautiful town safe. They have all gone above and beyond and put their own needs aside to help us to keep us alive. But this town in the bush that  I live in is very special like that. It is a real community with lots of volunteers and old fashioned values. Its the friendiest place on earth and has so much in history to be proud of and also today.

That’s why I wrote the children’s book” The little town that has a lot to be proud of ” I am very proud of what I have seen over the last few days neighbours helping neighbours, family members helping family members, strangers giving a hug to a stranger who is frightened, families donating things to strangers who have lost everything, members of the public giving to the rural fire service. So proud to be a part of this town.  We are a shining example to the world of what can happen when everyone works together and helps everyone to do well.

I would like to have a parade through town to show our appriecation of what all the services have done for us just to say thank you we appriecate and love you from the bottom of our hearts!


Moral: Show love and kindness this christmas to all that you meet!

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