Visualize What You Want For Christmas And For The New Year

In order to get what you want you have to become clear of what you want. So write down what you want how you want it to happen for you add as much detail as you can. Writing down what you want is very powerful. You get what you focus on so get clear on the changes that you want to happen for you. Always concentrate on the postive forget about the negative just keep working on the positive and it will happen. Work on little goals to begin with then when you get that go to the next goal. 

If you are just starting with this don’t feel bad we are all at different stages and every change matters little changes lead to big changes later on.  We all had to start somewhere every improvement matters. I still have bad days this is normal and healthy. When you feel bad just accept it and move on and do something that makes you feel better listen to a recording, go for a walk, read a book, ring a friend, listen to music. What ever makes you feel better do that. Then work on what you want in your life goals.

Get pictures of what you want and put on a board. You can get a board very cheaply from a two dollar store and then get some old mazagines and cut out the pictures and postive words and stick on your board.  Put the board or boards some where that you will look at it a lot. Remember to put the wording that goes along side that ie happy joy fun, feeling the best ever, happiest I have ever been, my dreams have come true, I have what I want, I am winning, good things are happening for me, You need to feel it first for it to show up for you. So what does the feeling feel like? Describe it and believe it. What does it look like become clear on this. Start with little things till you become better at this keep improving this till you get just what you want then move on to the next goal.

Write affirmations that match what you want ie My life is happy, my relationship is healthy. I have the best job that suits me. At the end of the affirmation say something like this or even better or something that everyone wins with. Put in the emotion of what you want the relationship to feel like so it becomes real for you the more you see it the more you will believe it. You can look for affirmation on line to get ideas but the affirmation needs to be personal and one that means something to you so you believe it and want to do it for it to work.


Be grateful for what you have. Keep a grateful book it allows you to have more good things happen for you. I am grateful in my life today for??? Write at least five things a day at the end of the day that you are grateful for. Being grateful allows the universe to give you more of that.

If you have any negative beliefs come up then make a note of them and use the working on negative beliefs forrmula in an eariler blog so that you remove any consideration you have cos that can stop you from getting what you want. You need to continually do this as you get continual negative beliefs coming up in your thoughts all the time. As you work through them you will be able to get more and more good things happening for you. Also your havingness will improve what you will be able to have will get better as you go and you will be able to have more and more good things in your life.


Moral : Work on visilizing what you want in your life and how you want your life to improve!






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