Support After Being In Domestic Violence

Getting yourself some support after domestic violence is invaluable to help you in so many ways to heal and to have a better life. Go to your local Woman’s centre or crisis centre for help they have great support services available to you. They can help you with housing, educating you about domestic violence, court support, run different groups like angry management, self defence, education on domestic violence. They have contact with other support agency’s they work with like housing and docs. Being connected with them was the best thing I found in so many ways and is a great way to support you in moving forward so that you don’t go back to your abuser. The workers here are all trained in domestic violence and lots of them have been personal victims of domestic violence so they know from personal experience what domestic violence is really like. Usually you get a case worker who will work with you and support you for all your court appearances or things that you need to work on like moving house, safety issues, writing letters to government departments etc, dealing with the police and courts. AVO’s, changing schools for your children, counselling for you and children, family court orders. It is so much easier to do all this when you have support from those that have done it all hundreds of times before and know all the rules or who to contact. So don’t do it alone get support and make it easier for you. You will make great friends from the groups that are run and they are all women who are going through the same things as you so they understand how hard this is to do and can give you tips on what helped them. It also helps you to be with people who are  going through the same thing. Knowing that you are not alone and that others have been through the same thing makes you feel more supported this is what you need at this time. Get as much support as you can for yourself from friends, family, neighbours and professionals it all helps you to do better and have a better healthier life. I used this time that I left my abuser to work on me and  improve my life. I read books, did courses, went to groups, had counselling its all good for you the more you know the better that you can do. My life changed in so many ways for the better from doing this.